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Top-10 Actionable AI tools & LLMs for Saas founders in 2023

Top-10 Actionable AI tools & Platforms for Saas founders

We are in 2023 and it's now clear: every day, many AI tools officially launch. While a couple of years ago, AI was the privilege of the powerful organizations. Today, everyone can create an app with some AI capabilities integrated into it.

By having a look at Product Hunt's daily launches for February 2023, it's now rare to find non-AI-powered tools. With the advent of ChatGPT available to the general public, AI Tools are now on the rise: integrating them follows a smooth integration process, activating them is a matter of clicks.

This concern is at the heart of our mission at Stimpack since we provide AI-powered Saas tools and actively monitor state-of-the-art models and technologies. Our goal is to create a synergetic ecosystem of tools that would empower product builders and founders.

AI being definitely a game-changing technology, it will hugely benefit all founders: either solo founders or bigger startup teams. What an exciting era!


  • What do we mean by "Actionable AI"
  • How actionable AI can benefit Saas startups
  • Case study: AI-assisted solo founders
  • Our top-10 AI Saas tools for 2023
  • The Exhaustive official list
  • How Stimpack can help you launch AI products FAST!

What do we mean by "Actionable AI"

The term "Actionable AI" gained relative traction in 2022-2023 after the democratization of generative AI technologies such as ChatGPT. By Actionable, we directly refer to the ability to articulate AI into more complex software systems.

AI historically referred to Machine Learning models (ML) or Natural Language Processing (NLP). It is somehow a much more complex discipline. ML and NLP are subsets of actually AI. Machine Learning models can be categorized as either: generative or discriminative. Most of current AI models are generative, based on Transformer (attention-based) architectures and incorporate a Reinforcement Learning layer of reward/penalization.

overlap between the fields of AI, ML and Deep Learning
source: Siemens health blog

Articulating AI is crucial: by doing so, one gains a huge advantage towards applying such powerful technologies to solve valuable business challenges. Indeed, nowadays, there are a couple of mainstream ways to articulate AI, amongst them:

  • AI can be wrapped by an API, we thus just have to call it remotely
  • AI can be directly embedded into the Saas software. The model files are embedded as well or downloaded on demand.
  • AI can be triggered by browser-level automation tools.
  • The final form is a manual one and is known as prompt engineering: you enter a text prompt and the generative AI outputs a list of candidate outputs, whether text or images.

How actionable AI can benefit Saas startups

Embedding or wrapping AI into a Saas sounds really appealing to many startups for many reasons. We recently noticed that the barriers to entry started to fall apart. Integrating OpenAI's chatgpt for instance only requires a couple of lines of code.

Such technology has a price of course, but it's quite affordable: ChatGPT Plus costs only $20/month! Based on our experience at Stimpack, adding such capabilities to your saas product would require a developer to work 1-3 days.

A Saas startup definitely could gain considerable advantage by leveraging AI capabilities coupled with prompt engineering and integrating the whole into the Saas.

As a title of comparison, a couple of years ago, integrating AI into a production system would cost between $500k-$1M and would take a couple of months to a year. There is a huge difference in pricing!

Here are for example a couple of applications of AI for your Saas:

  • adding assistive capabilities to your Saas using ChatGPT.
  • suggesting creative ideas or content using ChatGPT.
  • suggesting code integrations.
  • implementing productive smart automations.
OpenAI is the new big AI player with their GPT technology
image created by Jim Clyde Monge

Case study: AI-assisted solo founders

Solo founders have by definition a limited time to handle many roles: they are in charge of strategical, operational and support tasks.

Time is definitely their most precious resource, hence the need for assistance: AI can definitely fit here. sSolo founders could definitely from AI-powered tools. Indeed, shipping Saas products is a difficult exercise. All assistance is more than welcome in order to optimize one's chances of success in the solo-founders journey.

Let's imagine for example the typical day of a solo-founder:

  • a customer has a question, triggering a Synthesia-powered video assistant to answer it.
  • grows his audience, validates his initial idea, and gains initial traction using Stimpack in autopilot mode.
  • develops his next product's prototype using a combination of Github copilot and Stimpack.
  • prepares some visuals for his next talk using Midjourney.
  • gets inspired by JasperAI or WriteSonic at the end of the day.

The time, tooling and productivity gains can be huge! AI is a game-saver for solo founders, enabling them to thrive in such highly evolving and risky 1-person scenarios.

AI can assist solopreneurs with various day-to-day functions
source: AIMultiple blog

Our top-10 AI Saas tools for 2023

We have selected, filtered, tested and curated various AI tools to watch for 2023.

Those tools fall into a couple of productivity/creative categories.

Our top-10 AI Saas tools for 2023
images generated with Midjourney AI

Amongst them:

  • video: many tools such as Synthesia helps generate human-like videos at a very reduced cost ($26/month)
  • copywriting: such tools helps you create copy for your blogs or social posts. Jasper and Writesonic are great alternatives
  • content: that's the case of Notion AI which provides high quality content for Notion's app.
  • visuals: we mainly consider here high quality image generation, such as state of the art Midjourney's proprietary model.
  • NLU and NLP: tools helping with natural language understanding and natural language processing. Our preferred are AssemblyAI and CohereAI. Honorable mention to Hugginface which provides a complete online machine learning suite, highly suitable for NLP modeling and inference.
  • transcription: which is the process of audio/video to text.
  • email: our preferred tool in this category is TryEllie, a very simple and performant email assistant that understands context.
  • chat: including for example ChatSonic, which is a ChatGPT alternative.
  • code: game-changing code generation technologies, such as ChatGPT and Github Copilot.
  • SEO: the trending one in this category is SurfSEO
  • launchpad: which is a quite new category. We feature Stimpack as one of the AI-powered tools of this category.
  • Other categories such as: ads, plagiarism, Q&A, translation etc...

The Exhaustive official list

Maintaining a curated index of AI startups to watch for 2023 is part of our Market Research at Stimpack.

Since we also provide AI-powered Saas tools, we are eager to stay a top-notch actor in the field of AI-Saas platforms. Our list is available for all on Gumroad.

How Stimpack can help you launch AI products FAST!

We have created Stimpack, the 1st all-in-one Saas platform conceived for product builders enabling you guys to launch your products, the fast and easy way!

Stimpack, gain early traction, launch products fast

Building AI-powered products is at the heart of what we aspire to do at Stimpack. We can help you:

  • create one-click web apps and landing pages
  • easily integrate generative AI into your products
  • launch innovative AI products fast
  • build fast prototypes: create, experiment, innovate, repeat
Interested in Stimpack? Please have a look at our concept page or fee free to directly enroll in our incoming Alpha.

Always looking forward to hearing from our fellow Stimpackers.

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