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Kickstarting Stimpack

Kickstarting Stimpack

Hello visitor,

Super glad to wish you the best for 2023 at Stimpack!As promised, this is our Kickstarting 🔥 post.

So, what's Stimpack exactly? 🚀

Simply a new #software #startup aiming to provide software tools to help you Launch your products faster!

What industry does it target? 🧑🏾‍💻

We believe that there's a lot to be improved in #WorkTech #Workoftomorrow

What are your goals? 🎯

We believe that today's creators suffer from too much friction to materialize their ideas into products. We aspire to fill this gap!

Who is Stimpack for? 💯

Whether you're a solo builder, marketer #entrepreneur, indie hacker, or engineer, we believe we can help you save a substantial amount of time and money by launching more efficiently. Imagine launching your next Saas product in just a couple of days!

What's unique about Stimpack? ✨

A couple of things we hope! First, we believe in the #buildinpublic as a big trend of 2023! We are also committed to sharing our achievements and actionable content/tools with you guys along the path.

Topics we will be covering:

Interested in our concept? 💗

Visit us at https://stimpack.io/

We're looking for people to help us validate the product -> https://stimpack.io/#alpha

Just curious about our concept? Stay tuned on Twitter -> @SaidAitmbarek @StimpackHQ

Finally, don't hesitate to share this post with anyone interested in product builders!

Happy to have you guys, best!

Saïd, founder of Stimpack