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Turbocharging product analytics with marketing automation

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Product analytics marketing is the state-of-the-art field we leverage to understand how users interact with our products.

Understanding your user's interactions and behaviors in your apps or sites directly reflects their areas of interest, lack of focus, or unnecessary features at other times.

Implementing an effective marketing strategy? You can't afford to skip them: they are your user's in-app feedback loop ✨

Why would one want to automate them? Simply because:

Automating your product analytics will help you effortlessly measure your product's impact in terms of visibility, traffic and in-app conversions.

This is the streamlined way of measuring if your users actually enjoy your app: "just a little, a lot, passionately, madly, not at all" (translated from a popular French expression)

Key product analytics automation examples

There are dozens of available marketing automations, the mainstream ones include:

  • A/B Testing: the commonly accepted method to select the winning factor between the two.
  • Marketing campaign performance tracking: who converts, who doesn't, and why.
  • Real-time analytics reports via product automation and tracking. πŸ“Š
  • E-mail and push notifications related automation.
  • Other in-app automation: think of functional Zapier and Ifft-like automation triggered by your events.

These automation all share common goals as they:

  • Help you make more accurate (unbiased) analysis before decisions.
  • Help you take more reactive & informed decisions.
  • Help you stick with your users and audience: engaging them is a crucial part of customer success.

How to automate your next marketing campaign

This is frankly a hard one: there is no single way to automate a marketing campaign. Besides, deciding on methods and platforms highly depends on your product, your offer, and your business expectations.

At Stimpack, we tend to apply the KISS philosophy to almost everything:

"Keep it simple, stupid!", a design principle first noted by the U.S. Navy in 1960

We advise you to choose a top-down approach:

  1. Write down what you're expecting: visibility, conversions, user satisfaction, or other...
  2. Derive KPIs from this study.
  3. Put in place a basic web funnel fitting your KPIs.
  4. Implement client-side or server-side trackers.
  5. Find a good dashboard solution that summarizes it all, ideally updated in real time.

Looks like a full-time project in itself, right?πŸ˜…

πŸ“’ Well, that's exactly why we created Stimpack! It's the ultimate early-stage product growth platform you need: not only is it affordable, but it helps automate product analytics and way more... 🀩

Stimpack helps you gain early traction on various social channels, boosts your product analytics, and creates your landing pages in no time. It's the best way to build startup-grade foundations and seamlessly launch products in just a matter of weeks.

Stimpack is your next-generation early-stage product growth platform.

What to expect from marketing automations?

Well, mostly nice things for sure. Amongst the pros, marketing automations:

  • Help optimize your product usage.
  • Allow better users segmentation based on behaviors.
  • Increase your sales by crafting products fitting your customers real needs.
  • Reduce your marketing workloads drastically.
  • Leverage real-time and predictive analytics: you're given the super-power of knowing with a certain degree of confidence if something is currently missing or about the be needed in the future🀩

By understanding your customers and providing optimized products, you'll naturally increase sales and reduce churn. Your marketing costs will also be lower, operations will be streamlined, your ROI will skyrocket.

The main con would be the lack of human interaction and eventually all biases due to the analysis of noisy or incomplete data. The great thing is you'll be able to analyze the automatically collected data and discover a world of opportunities for your business.

That's all for today folks, stay tuned with Stimpack, your early-stage product growth platform πŸ€—

Curious about Stimpack for early-stage startups and solopreneurs?

Stimpack is your next-generation early-stage product growth platform.
Our all-in-one product will help you create digital products, gain early traction, find your first early-adopters and future customers; and launch products faster than ever.

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